About Us

Bigger cities like New York City and Los Angeles shouldn’t be the only places to get great flight deals. So here at Fare Deal Alert we decided to set up shop for cities like Charlotte, Houston, and San Diego. We’re here to provide you the best mileage earning deals at the best price. We believe the cheapest way to fly is with miles, so if a deal doesn’t earn miles that can take you far and wide, we won’t publish it. (Don’t expect any Spirit deals from us.)

And what is the best deal? No fare should be more than 6 cents per mile and we will only publish fares that meet that criteria. 6 cents per mile would mean that nonstop service between Atlanta to Los Angeles shouldn’t be more than $234 roundtrip. While we can’t guarantee a daily deal from each of our coverage cities, we will search far and wide to find the best deals we can from one to three of our coverage cities each day of the week.

For spontaneous travelers and for the travelers who like to plan ahead, we look forward to sharing these deals with you.

Questions, concerns, requests: tweet us @FareDealAlert