How to Get Notified of Our Deal Posts

For those that depend on social media to see our deals, here’s how to make sure that you are notified of each deal.


Our posts on Facebook are geo-targeted. This means that if, for example,  you live in Houston, you will only see deals that originate out of Texas. Our posts are geo-targeted to make sure you only see relevant deals.

If you have liked Fare Deal Alert Facebook page, we also recommend that you select “Get Notifications”. To do this, go to Fare Deal Alert Facebook page, and click on the down arrow on the Liked button and select “Get Notifications”:



We also tweet on a schedule everyday between 9AM Eastern and 3PM Eastern. The difference on Twitter is that you will see ALL the daily deals and not just  the deals that you have been geo-targeted for. On some days, we tweet previous days deals at 7AM and 8AM. If you want the complete feed, following us on Twitter is the best option. All our flight deal tweets are in the following format:

#Airfare Deal: [AIRLINE CODE] Departing From – Destination. Price. Post Link. #travel. So a deal on Delta from Houston to Los Angeles for $212 will show up like this:

#Airfare deal: [DL] Houston – Los Angeles (and vice versa) $212 r/t. Details: link. #travel

Deals that say “vice versa” means that the fare work both ways. Deals without “vice versa” means the fare is only good for that one direction.

Breaking Deals

All the deals on the posted/tweeted hours are done the night before. When we break a deal that is not close to the hour between 9AM and 3PM Eastern, it means that the fare is a good enough of a deal that we could not wait to schedule it for the next day. So if you see us tweet or post something on Facebook at 10:32AM, then it is a deal that you should pay attention to.

Getting help on Social Media from us

Generally, we are more active on Twitter than on Facebook. If you need help with a deal post or have a travel question, tweeting us at @FareDealAlert will probably get you a quicker response than commenting on Facebook. However you should not expect a quick response if you tweet us in the middle of the night. A response to that tweet will take us a lot longer to respond to than tweeting us between 9AM and 5PM Eastern.

Thanks for your continued support!


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Fare Deal Alert does not sell travel products or services. We provide you with information about third-party travel suppliers’ offers, and link you to their sites. The information posted by Fare Deal Alert is valid at the time of publication. However, we have no control over the suppliers, and we therefore do not warrant or guarantee that their offers will not change or become unavailable. Nor are we responsible for their products, services or site content. Please see their sites for their most up-to-date offer information and all applicable terms and conditions.

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